Saturday, October 25, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Thirteen and Fourteen


Need a machine knows how to point
three women swimming in the pool
white one-piece mind
Easter parade to honor Wittgenstein
to turn away from what is most one’s own
the story breaks once the hero’s horn is heard
goats digging in their hooves uphill
sometimes long after she vanished
you hear her voice come out of the slope
soft throat but another language
each part of the body a trump in a lost game
do you remember what to call me?


Fields of Russia white with images
Ilya Repin canvas of a peasant shack
but o the shutters and the cries of birds
girls in the meadow pretending to be boys
so much is lost before you learn to feel
cast a number in bronze
nail it to that rock and call it measure
one day at lunch with A.J. Ayer
there is nothing left to say about the mind
that’s where poetry comes in
the art of making everything happen again
and be new the art of meaning something else.