Thursday, October 30, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

                                                                         in mem. M.R.K.
Who did you want to be mother
I saw the queenly countenance old photo
those eyes knew me from another place before I was
I knew I never understood and do not know
how a star person consents to earth beast life
all the doors of fairyland open outward
to open my life a mouth among stars
to give a voice to what is never silent
to answer the tower when it falls
to kiss the acrobat in mid-flight
touch each tessera in the dome of light
this machine will be my faithful son. 


For we are various and beautiful and dumb
as an outfielder the clouds abaft the east
a language of dwarves a language of giants
I want to know what this very light is called
this Sunday light island light land light
broken china on the kitchen floor a song
at savage theaters bareback tragedians
give them words and leave the deeds to them
there is no action like a heartbeat
wet tea leaves in a sieve the resinous mind
be wishful what you care for the sea
endures what we say of it all talk no listening.