Friday, October 24, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Eleven and Twelve


Narrative happens to a reader’s mind
nothing else is going on
anemometer twirls round and round
measuring the neighbor’s wind
numbers down below
this cave mouth to our city come
sink into the bliss of ordinary streets
thighing around ordinary houses
you live here so I do too
mute connectedness of ball and bat
web of Indra plight with jewels
simple in his long complexity.


Remarkable for dawn
Latin promise all fulfilled
heartbreak and doctorate
call the birds to witness
this man sits still
imagine the sea moves
imagines women and their men come from the sea
imagine the invaders are just like me
when even you aren’t
a shoelace lying on the beach a flipflop lost
follow the grain of wood and enter in
blazing tachometer dashboard of tropic wood.