Monday, October 27, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Seventeen and Eighteen


Amaze me then you paladins
toaster oven of the alchemists
a microwave is just a little moon
rising and falling in the Brookline kitchens
where anxious matrons test their kids’ IQ
just write down what they tell you and all will be well
Mercutio falls the stage fills up with eels
close the book and answer the phone
false no friend would ever call so early
I have no phone I have just my voice
aged animal growling at the moon
start howling or the door will close.


Because a stone on the road is a fish that stopped swimming
pick it up and pocket it you’ll bring the ocean home
children are waiting for Christmas every day
double-boiler full of eggs the Virgin’s Bath
have you ever heard the cry of milk
the sob of bread baking in the oven
machinery is your friend machines are gods
because the world is little you are big
there are no strangers on this kind of island
the wind reads the papers for you
the hawk dries his feathers in your special tree
for lo the storm is ended the boy-girl wind went north.