Tuesday, October 28, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Nineteen and Twenty


Of course it went the other way, Chartres,
a carriage down Warren Street, rich people everywhere
and in a chophouse decent grub — he said
but that was Thames where Andrewes walked along
thinking out loud, how beautiful the churches are
despite what they say, the genetic imperfections of belief,
rosemary flowers for the Queen of Hungary
sad liquid gold pours from the carnal machinery
they never understand the ecstasy of rain
the purest gift is from the unimagined
Montaigne explained his dislike of the continuous
walk down the street with me holding the mean-eyed cat. 

Leave that rainbow gouged into the sky
let the clouds come down and talk like Christian men
have your nephelometer ready your cheesecloth your checkbook
earwax to polish close-grained briar
blond pilasters at the gate of ivory
between armoire and fish tank why the long hall
but  other mother came out of the hill again
reaching towards the moon she turned the trains off
businessmen wandered through the prairie
we passed a wolf on our sidewalk
creature of gold-eyed dignity
but she was sleeping with the mirror’s mother.