Wednesday, October 29, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Twenty-One and Twenty-Two


Don’t live forever they don’t count the stars
it’s a kind of broken pavement
music gushes out of crevices each gap a sore
earth is the ventriloquist who tunes our lips
the cries of children turn out to be
grownups turn into conversation
Whitman wrote nothing but the cries of children
our only real poet avoided writing poems
I call it semaphore because he  bears a sign
I can’t read it can you? A sign of itself
a revelation of revelation a storm in the mirror
no air left to write the answer down. 


A raft is remembrance
should you wake beside direction
and where we went an apple gate
dark with understanding and a touch
so later off  the esplanade one Danish ship
seen in a sluice of fog a word misused
loved for the juice of it the slip of mouth
the president waved from his open car
I stood on the corner with John Kennedy
one rainy afternoon when Carthage fell
forgive the immigrants the land cried out for
the white man failed the lesson of the earth.