Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HEART THREAD 289 & 291


Nothing is likely to end
the rose of Sharon is just now blossoming
should I hand over to it this work of saying
she is easier to read but harder to understand
all touch dissolves in color
color crystalizes into sound
a sound you mistake for a word
rain on marble steps slippery as poetry
but it isn’t raining it isn’t anywhere
the word you think you heard unlocks your memory
everything you remember escapes and runs away
leaving you free alone with your own meaning.

Successiveness dissolves in klang
all the notes played at once of what will be a song
use the simplest word for it
a word though now sick with commercial implication
song as commodity is the root of war
copyright is blasphemy
all of these words are yours to begin with
I just got in the way on their way to you
shall we end at the Milvian Bridge
where they began to confuse Christ with Caesar
o throw that denarius away his face is in the sky
no his face is your face when you wake up.