Monday, April 6, 2015

HEART THREAD 300 & 301


Something like a breeze through people green as trees
this is your moment mother
before the flowers come and go
a life of gentlest waiting
like the hibiscus for its bee
a bird will do, anything I can say you to
and love a little while, the mild
adultery of objects fondled then set free
there is some moment in the stillest things
we learned in the sacred tedium of Sunday Mass
eloquent silences between the words
when the priest stopped mumbling and held Something in his hands. 


But God is more personal than sex
when the outside and the inside are the same
a horse you never heard of comes rushing from the mountains
the comfort of enough against the ecstasy of more
o horse you cry I will not ride today
but he thinks otherwise and there you are aloft
the two of you above the hills beast and human
who knows which is which a fable no one ever tells
vanishing in blue distances song fading
nobody knows nobody knows I hear the dearest voice
laughing at the effort I put into doing nothing
a snowstorm of images around a freezing child.