Saturday, April 11, 2015

HEART THREAD 309 & 310


So we’re back with love and not much else
greatest of all seemings unless you fall in it
we’re back with love it springs us forward
into the kindness of our only hope the yellow of the rose
where no one lives and all love rises
to spell the billion stories that we tell
all their theology old comfy car
Packard or a Panhard on its way through the sky
all roads lead to home
that’s all you have to know
a little knowledge and some gasoline
smile brother you’re almost there. 


Who threw the switch that made the water come from hydrogen and oxygen
someone had to be the spark
is it you who look at me oddly sometimes
as if surprised to find me there beside you
who could the spark be but the other
we come from ocean but where did it come from
who else is ripening down there now
ready to crawl out as we did and take our place
asking questions of the howling wind
playing their flutes in the desert
and like us always trying to remember
where we came from and why?