Sunday, April 12, 2015

HEART THREAD 311 & 312


Accidental purposes of Delta music
on that day women chase men or seem to
they shall handle texts and not be harmed thereby
they shall preach the good news without knowing it
old battleships with concave prows
plow into tropic harbors bring truth home
tapa cloth and Charlie Chan and Maori skin
everything written was written to be forgotten
forgotten deep into you and ripen there
nasturtiums a little peppery in her salad
mud fights in Oregon knishes on Pitkin
if you think these are random think again.


Children in the cornfield who are you now
furtive actions in the furrows
who knows what eating really does
two children lying side by side
hieroglyph of the space left between them
every relationship makes its own sign
whole world a museum unknown curator about whom we fantasize
theology philosophy history and baffling pre-dawn dreams
where we are always in a far-off city always trying to get home
so this planet must itself be the distant town
the stewardess won’t let me on the plane
must be the fiery angel she drives me off with an ear of corn.