Thursday, April 2, 2015

HEART THREAD 292 & 293


That was good kyning they’ll never say of me
I lost Caesar on the way to France
a slim-hipped nation on a crowded bus
Europe is always on the march I want to sit still
buying a dictionary brought me closer to girls
I was so young I believed in what I read in what I said
even if I didn’t believe a word of what it said
I was a boy with a penknife looking for the bark of a tree
to carve my name in and find out who I was
the trees were quick in those days and I was slow
so I remembered music Mahler mostly
and pretended it was you talking to just me.

So much for me, life begins when you forget
and live by feeling through the world of will
that angry place of plastic and aluminum
commonest elements made hard and not to eat
so feeling is your blade young man
keep silence till you get to say it
spoken silence is the richest meat
and nourishes the clarity inside
all those layers of you till I get to me
and always always the other way round
Leipzig the fugue trapped in the organ
I opened the creaking door and let it out.