Sunday, April 5, 2015

HEART THREAD 296 & 297


Religion is to dance as prison to the Constitution
the underside the got-it-wrong the social trap the money
when all the great ones said go to yourself in the empty place
quiet room or vacant tree
sit there silent till you know
know enough at least to help and how
and know that we all need you
yes I need you to be, tree behind you now
you walk around the world
hinting how to take the pain away
we make for each other and ourselves
now put that in your organ and play on.

I am not the only one who I am
the others need me too
the lighthouse turns out to be the moon
raspberry bushes replete with thorn
make me doubt the sweet real things
flesh and its discontents, pink tongues
on suburban buses o I have lived too much
too little time and bring it all to you
that word again the queen of implications
sparrow hawks and midnight hens
you taught me all the names of birds
I’ve had to do my forgetting all alone.