Monday, April 20, 2015



And if it rains we say some other thing
and if the sparrows drown out timid raindrops
there’ll be some peace at last in this cartoon
forgive me my investigations a bee has to live
the drones hum around the hive those artists boy-band poets
I’m just the wrong kind a man I couldn’t find
honey in a honey jar how strange the world is
all contents and containers and a bird going by
knowing no more than less
voices of the cyclists wheeling past
chatting loud as if they’re standing still
the slender miracle of mind we all can hear.

I climbed in winter up Glastonbury Tor
stood in the ruins of St. Michael’s Chapel
peered up through the roofless tower to watch
the original star from which we fell
you and I slept together on the Hill of Tara
peaceful in cool summer
right beneath the Stone of Destiny
we live our little times apart
Himalayas blue flowers too
where is there for us to think
but this half-acre hot summer
birdsong almost too many leaves
very green, this place, here.

No lingering slumbery rubato flaunted coda
without slowing down it simply stops
Stefano Greco plays Bach’s unfinished fourteenth
he has a theory I guess I never understand
I think silence is the best philosophy
those empty minutes that we long to touch
I fill them here with ambrosia
a sappy word that meant in Greek what does not die
life, that limitless cliché
o love me as much as I love you
you can do it if anybody can
you are the only one who understands.