Tuesday, December 30, 2014

HEART THREAD 121 & 122


The mystery of when this must be said
lungful of particulars maiden voyage each thought in your hair
over the frozen lake a childhood spell a letter read
a breath from their mouths condenses on St. Peter’s dome
we break our vows by silence wet tongue of the beast
Anglican hollyhocks rise by the stone Buddha
I can’t remember to dissemble this self no I
I spend my day interrogating ocean
my nights parsing my interrogations
drink soup with me breadcrumbs on the snow
a bird will follow them to the open book
always contradict the weather the Cross is contradiction.


Long day to celebrate the light
knows what’s coming a colonnade in hemisphere
to catch a solar system in your back yard
southern somehow arrogance to kiss the wind
I fought against me all my life and lost
nearby on the longest day a sheet of light
we saw it slice down into the forest glade
pagans these days more pious than Christians
the earth asks more of us than Bible does
stand up and be shadow wield the axe of light
horns of a bull wit of the woman pluck
flowers out of nowhere and braid them in your hair.