Thursday, December 18, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts 102 & 103


If it said anything it said blue
I walk with you around the ancient hill to water
am all air and leave it to you to be fire
there are people such that being with them all elements complete
that’s why I run out of breath ascending
the air I needed left behind with earth
I make noises as I arise they are words
you hear these sounds as touch
for every singular is plural I am the frantic chorus
heavy hoofed uphill clamber reach the top
your house in the sky I trumpet my residence
you knew right then we’ve always been together.


I am no meaner than the mind next door
the swan on the hood of a Packard tells the time
long kinship with owls for crying out loud
a ghost train rushes past the slaves are freed
from one master into the clutches of many
the salary of circumstance please tell me what to do
I want to talk about the moist details
the lug nuts down below the arm-break crank
slowly unpack all the details blue glass seltzer bottle
call it vichy in Dubrow’s early edition of the Times
I don’t think the subway ends here but I’ve never gone beyond
it’s hard to stop being credulous about the real.