Friday, December 19, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts 105 & 106


Hammer heavy but I can judge the sound of competence
and he’s not it, a father trying to fly kite for kid
but there’s no sky, Chinese dragons slice
one another’s guide lines up La Salle above the river
yea Lady the same river the two-faced blue-eyed water
writing is a way of doing nothing but keeping time from passing
or lets time pass but makes it leave behind it
shadows on the little world people hold in their hands
stare gently out the window thirty years
Pound’s kulchur stares back in we live paideuma
the wolf has turned himself into the door
he lit the fragrant peony in the Western mind. 


How can I be at peace who knew no war
the Brothers Grimm are my grandees
their angry soldier only in exile find the blue light
I follow the bright lumen to the cave mouth of my sin
there is a first place to wander from
in Adriatic mist and summer storm
pale Rilke fiercest thinker of his day
adding the one force Nietzsche missed, the sentiment of love
and to do no more than tell the truth
invented poetry along the way
this new organ in our flesh of meaning things
a word like children screaming in the rain.