Sunday, December 7, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Eighty-Three and Eighty-Four


The square root of someone else lives in your mind
curious behavior of measured things
caught the comfort from the cushion and sold it to the skin
of course I want to anyone would but I don’t will it
if I willed it heaven and earth would have to comply
will makes you crazy wanting makes you sane
we live decently when we recognize our lack
a child is all waiting
how came you from so far and still a citizen
woke before the birds again still never alone
boat humming in weather of the mind
Mozart love-hate flute I want to kiss his sister too.


Time is the dimension in which we unwrap space
we and only we there is no time apart from us
distinguish shade from shadow
one of them licks your hands
to be poor is to be burdened with memory
the doctor waiting on the porch alone with the wind
not many people do it anymore the young the very old
he opened his mouth and Persephone spoke
language is the mouthpiece of another
the strangest thing about the caves is that we think we’re out of them
this is the Dordogne the dream time
Athabaskan wilderness men with eyes of a wolf.