Friday, December 5, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Eighty-One and Eighty-Two


Just looking out the window I have no window
so you have to pull the sound of words apart
to guess the moonlight through
you’re riding on a ram up Mount Erigal
the three moons of folklore roll up beside you
slower than gravity, the earth cries
resist me if you dare, outmoded primate
mere folk, graverobbers, oilsuckers
foible-witted blank-hearted market-minded
lip-serve liturgists flower-fondlers bird-handlers
cow-killers ocean-sievers word-wasters
swooning philosophers, heartbreakers, men. 


Picus four woodpeckers next door pileated fledglings
no’j day of the woodpecker probe for knowledge be a girl
the things the weather tells us
Marx for breakfast Aquinas for high tea sleep fasting
nothing matters but matter doesn’t know it
materials seem as if there were some other
language told me to be silent in so many words
read this as commentary on Book VIII of the Aeneid
upriver journey into your own country never seen before
your new arrival in yourself sunglare on windshield
I have something to tell you you have to tell me what it is
space between self and other shaped by two dreams.