Saturday, December 13, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Ninety-Six and Ninety-Seven


Loud sea last night I hear at dawn
new sun caught in sugar
else all grisaille the fog of morning
have we done dreaming yet or is
that gothic stonework still in place the crowds in Latin
all the discontinuities make also a continuum
as a hand makes everything it touches its own
this bird all birds squeal a blackbird in Ireland
land of tuneful sleep more sheep than men
as every island is the same island except Manhatta
a place where fish were never plentiful
but from the ferries you could see the sleek seals play.

To be long as an epic and nothing happen
boy with a lyre the size of an oak tree
hands busier than the wind in its strings
all words and no meaning
sex without babies
the first posthuman rises from my couch
sonless in brightness and every girl his daughter
the Touch Me Not of risen Jesus new explained
because a story binds us to our culture
and a song cuts free
all Coleridge no Wordsworth
the fable peters out in song.