Thursday, December 11, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Ninety-Two and Ninety-Three


So while the wind away until it’s still
all sea and no container everything belongs to me
let the roof slide off the sky the sleepers show
dare their dreams to stand up half-dressed
to walk outside like decent pagans
forget all the words nibble rosehips and why not
education only gives you bigger hands
after all those meager teachers one real thing taught!
look like you did last night golden ocher
America sky so far away but let me see
mind takes hold the shape of thing but not the thing
excitement of all the pale-eyed deceiving.

Finches like apples so there
we can know nothing of his struggle                    E.D. on C.O.
to know the first time what can’t be known
unanswerable question the fall of light
from the top of the hill you see your limitations
places you know and names hold you in
you are a hostage of the street you live on
a seminaried priest of what you see out the window
everything owns us
will there ever be enough of me to go around
thousands of years people have heard the breathing of the sea
it’s time to hear the word it says.