Wednesday, December 24, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts 111 & 112


If the loves you dream of dream you back
shadows haunt the stuccoed ceiling like small birds
and there are real birds too on plaster leaves
baroque resemblances of passing time
your whole body safe in my arms
vertebral rosary that haunts the hands
don’t say prayers be them
you be the god that answers them
everything is for being and willing to be
and be for the sake of another, the other
not much more left of the story than that
so now at last the story can begin. 


Pieces of fear in the room the child sleeps
wanderlust of nighttime things
can you swear that chest of drawers is where it was
sleep is the great healer of the Irish
a physician who makes no guarantees
sleep lets the world around you change
thing by thing like children on their way to school
aftermath their heads are full of fish
your uncle cleaning flounder in the kitchen sink
what color blood did you think fish had
red is always a surprise a wound of tenderness
where the nice bear lumbers out of the trees and hugs you tight.