Tuesday, December 16, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts 100 & 101


All those things let go
one fish could be a hundred of them rule by rhyme
you don’t see the anchors you see the hulls
moth flies out of the fog the sun
easy weather for an alchemist
the brutal heteros all asleep
why do I love music music is always somewhere else
back to London or Lascaux or on to Jupiter
things shouldn’t lead to anything things should always follow
there should be a cute lieutenant leading them
into the cloud castle little darling
you woke up just in time to be me. 

This is our hour
the first of the last time
the lion comes out from the hill and claws those Christian garments off
battle at sea between the waves a wave is war
the pull of gravity meets the push of current and there you are
loud surf all night and the lion looking at you
naked as the afternoon shingle beach a cry
a gull and a lion and our time has come at last
seize and be greedy there’s nothing left but praise
and where bestow it this tawny sunrise this mandolin plangent forenoon
all the subjunctives gush over your lap
sea syntax one same as different as the mother.