Thursday, December 25, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts 113 & 114


I'll know the question when the answer speaks
if you say so darling I only hear the organ
green and white the monks’ church at St. Gall
remarkable country for being left alone
whoever told you there are alternatives
remember pennies not made of copper
remember the wolf in the driveway
mockingbird on the drainpipe
I have tried to deal with everything
give every weather its place in history
for I was Waterloo and Austerlitz
Prince Andrei dreaming by his horse’s hoof. 


Your money or your life enough of meaning
I crossed the polished lobby to the elevators
no one I knew could live in such a place
and so I rose through bronze doors to family problems
my own estate the sky above Manhattan
and I owned Brooklyn too and east beyond
but not out west over the river Jersey and America
the sky belongs to me I say and on it
I take my stand no one else can judge or smite me
though sometimes someone else will touch my hand
and then the sky bears witness to my purity
purity of meaning everything in this single touch.