Thursday, December 4, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Seventy-Nine and Eighty


Talk turns into a masked ball with everybody
all I know is no one must know
otherwise the words don’t work, tell only the true
never the new the one you never
the moon shining under the skin of the sea
the long hair of the law the only power
windswept and sound pressures the heat that fell
from the absent sun so long ago
the weather is a spaceship bearing messages
we have to catch new senses to perceive their text
don’t be afraid to say hello we’ll all be gone
three seeds plucked up by a pilgrim bird. 


Three are the gates of paradise
a blazing letter stands before each door
of course it’s in the dream it happens
it matters only when you’re not awake
the vast blue bird perches on the roof
wet towels of the swimmers drying on the rail
in sun and wind the changes come
difference is a molecule apart
there is no nurture in the metal world
bonfire on the beach atomies of amorous madrigals
but if I were a folk I would tell you clear
in wordsongs true as stones along the beach.