Tuesday, February 3, 2015

HEART THREAD 186 & 187


Now there was a man the ferly folk took away                  R. Kirk
they brought him to a time between times and loved him there
left a lookalike back home to do his job
while he did theirs and the work they had to do
is all praising and delighting in them
for they were born before the world and wonder still
what manner people we are who hardly know them
let alone praise their sacred everlasting beauty
so he lived with them in some blessed island
till he understood at last what pleasure is
and shared it with the little brooks and the trees
and the ferly folk marveled at his industry. 

Lie here because there is nowhere else ever
the word gave birth to me and I may have failed the word
friend’s face among the flowers smiling up
the image does not please me you never can
tell what a smile is smiling at
animal wisdom I need you near
only a beast knows when to turn away
a man by the nature of time will walk to the abyss
Empedocles Master of Consequences to vanish in thin air
hum hum hymn of the volcano
a story broken in half we hold the stub
the other part of it or anything blows away.