Saturday, February 21, 2015

HEART THREAD 219 & 220


You are the debt that has to be repaid
your habit patterns are your only cage
stay far away from wanting more
more humility among the trees
the cicadas have done their work and gone
leaving each Egyptian carapace behind
our windowscreen and blacktop and the lawn
worn out from sheer song fallen
Babylonian with black and gold
I am your mother too don’t you remember
London Bridge and looked upstream
into the far west we come from now.


Call it weather it will watch you bird-eyed with wary
you came to rape our fields and steal our sheep
nothing we can do to stop you but it can
it knows the way you Troyans trust in signs
the white pig nestled in leaf shadow
the cloud walking girl-like up the oak-weary hill
we will give you more signs than you can read
you’ll never trust your bed again with all the dreams
this is our land and we are semaphores
we can’t do anything at all but fill your senses
every sense complete and all the information false
the way only the truth can really lead you wrong.