Thursday, February 5, 2015

HEART THREAD 191 & 192


So much denial kings before Eden
nothing was ever, all the rest was obvious
Orpheus exiting from the underside of words
can only tell the mind that comes to speak
but o no o no the music always wins
flee back to ferly land and talk to daisies
feast on clover and try to be
superbly be, as if a lion walked off a coat of arms
and moved into one turret on my tower  
and we lived together beside an almond tree
the weather always told us what to do
look over the wheat field a ship comes sailing. 


And there are the children at the gate
the psalmists keening by the hilltop shrines
the lean poesy of renunciation
when praise is all the air that feeds
go where every leaf has a word on it
our holy fire once for all
it spoke and said Do not be all male
for the masculine alone is weak
terribly weak and needy of conflict to assert
what cannot be asserted
the unprovable axiom of manhood
building empires wrong again and again wind blows away.