Wednesday, February 4, 2015

HEART THREAD 189 & 190


He will be safer as a ferly-man if men they have or are
he will be a leper-man in ordinary land
his voice the bell to warn away the fearful
because language is a holy terror believe me
hide yourself in the silence of story
there’s always something left to believe
dust for sparrows said the old aesthete                    R. de G.
be bathed clean in what defiles us
Arbeit, heilende Welle in what defines us                    F.B.
how far inland we’ve been carried by the wave
left where no other wave can come
lost among friends in a house of one’s own. 


Poet heers a worke beseeming you                    C.M.
not war but warbling kiss the girls and make them cry
all the holy raptures of the local mind
when I wanted clarion Gabriel renew the world
now blow your horn and if you can
shock the morbid loves into new play lila
mother of the mind the play of light all over
the light was like a woman in the trees man on a rock
and in our little ears the mountain spoke
a fleet of do’s and don’t’s assails the lucid now
I am the hole in your pocket
your hand can’t leave me alone.