Sunday, February 22, 2015

HEART THREAD 221 & 222


I never knew anything it was all made up
all bluff and prophecy
willful history of our feigned race
imaginary archive of testicular witness
none of the cathedrals were real
none of the bridges skating rinks nudist beaches
stockmarkets rainstorms Glastonbury
all loving lies I made for you
all Plotinus all Shakespeare Nag Hammadi
the lotus garden where the princess yawned
brass basins of the Temple the rites of man
national debt all lies and all for you. 


So the perception of the other is the first mistake
till the Mind is peace and luminous
once it senses other all the stuff begins
the offerings and arsenal the blood and fear
until the only cure is to become the other
sink into other, make the glad of the other your whole work
then the mind’ll be one again
full of its own serene excitements
beyond the dark and light
try it if you don’t believe me
do enough for the other and nothing for me
let the ocean show the quick way home.