Friday, February 20, 2015

HEART THREAD 217 & 218


To measure a day by a meaning
lean crystals sift into your lap
the varieties of greens exhaust vocabulary
no need to describe what everyone remembers
the whole street a secret garden a hidden sign
even a name knows how to hold your hand
wise fingers apportion peace and war
but have I forgiven all those I hurt
shutters up on the primeval coast
we help each other wade ashore
and nothing more
the gift just happens the sun just rose. 


Do it the easy way begin with someone else
we dance in trance a rhetoric of selfishness
all we have to give our bodies are
we choose our functions in a balanced world
whatever it is it always works
that’s the mind for you
no escape from the balanced aquarium
we live and die as suits another and we are that other
so relax and try to cheat less on your taxes
it doesn’t work it all comes out of you
can’t save can’t spend can’t mar can’t mend
free will is an advertising ploy.