Saturday, February 14, 2015

HEART THREAD 206 & 207


If a thing can be itself and still go on
that is the raw meat in the rhapsode’s song
people all over pretending to be me
clear as Chesterton in the gloaming of the evening
would I were my father’s favorite word
not twitch so while I’m saying so
I can hardly read the word I write why I need you
there are spirits here antagonists of air
is it prayer that sifts all round us and we breathe in
what one word be scents the garden of Adonis
sacrifice means tabu only gods can have it
what would the world be like if we were in it.

Each one a trick question do you smoke
no I only quote
comparisons are bad for the environment
don’t sit next to me while you’re quoting
I never want to hear what wise men said
do you think I want to walk out in someone else’s clothes
don’t make such a fuss just forget about it
forgetting is the hardest thing of all
that’s why you fled your island isn’t it
that’s why you sailed up the dark river where not even the trees knew you
that’s why you write down what other people say
you make them up to talk to you so somebody remembers.