Thursday, February 26, 2015

HEART THREAD 227 & 228


Of course do it for the other the hot blue sky
what hurts us helps the corn
protein the decisive factor in cultural history
egg white is intellect tempera and madrigal
for I was another country when I slept
and now am you
Interdependence Day each man a king
belonging to one another we are spoken from Being
he was the only one who made a little sense and look what happened
marauding mind trapped in a stale idea it had
horror of hurting another for the sake of an idea
Bruno burnt among flowers.


You don’t need me to tell it is never right to kill
Holocaust or unsolved murder
only the numbers are different
to kill one person is to kill the world
capital punishment corrodes the state
to kill one woman destroys the human race
Jesus was a man murdered by the state
that’s all you need to know about the government
no one ever has the right to kill
this is the only thing I know
and out of it I lift stone by stone my feeble tower
to make a work where all of you are safe.