Saturday, February 28, 2015

HEART THREAD 231 & 232


When I said enough you weren’t listening
a phone rings far away and only there
why do we care about the colors aren’t they the whole story
all the colors of the 21 Taras the single blue of the Medicine Buddha
look around you’ll see them everywhere
on different instruments how can one note be the same
or there is no such as same
when the mind is busy we are no years old
night and morning fragrant linden flowers fade now
lindens and cicadas and sunspots who else is there
tiny homeopathic breeze to make the skin joy
color is the other word for it. 


Does it even sound like this
is it music or does it mean
he asked an anger like layer of low cloud
but there was only blue and shapeliness was you
there is no plausible verb for being
too many people were far away and didn’t care
the pink and tinseled rider in the circus
who knows from where such people come
if people they are if come they do
I started watching as a child and never stopped
in the barnyard with ruddy feathers
the names of creatures are the same as fate.