Wednesday, February 18, 2015

HEART THREAD 214, 215, and 216


Sometimes finish something be enough to begin with
‘a balanced aquarium’
Antin explained when we were kids
so much I learned from him I'll never admit
plants feed fish excrete feed plants
oxygen out of nowhere
only the sun needs helium
at the other end of its cosmos last dream’s gentlest touch
thrill the way a bird does or morning light
mockingbird on the bridge in rain
where herons often glide from pond to bay
I’m gasping for breath airless in Gaza
to see me suffer puts the leaves to sleep. 

Night stuff thick
ankles of consciousness
slow drag a thickened broth
a cake of beef fat offered to birds
there are days music will not listen
means that no one hears
after a month on the sea it is hard to be anybody else
say it with your hands the way the night
is religion only something other people do
glamor of the ivory corpus constantly reminds
once there was a place where these things mean
thank God we have to make our own.


Walk over there and meet myself departing
signs of death I cannot find my shoes
lost my heart in the Rockaways
began to think that love was made of skin
cathedrals walk beside you when you go
I flew over the Hadramawt and Mars looked back
the meaningless politeness of the desert rock
the empty cup I offer to my friends
how little I’ve given, how much proposed
littoral birds the afikomen found at last
set me my place at the table near the door
sometimes the sight of food makes me despair.