Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Heart Thread 225 & 226


Born again normal in a nullish world
dance in the drugstore waiting for your pills
description is prescription
ask the subway florist for gardenia
you’ll see why later she explained
walk along the esplanade all those ships are thee
nothing’s better left unsaid
or are you Irish before all and grassy
I want to know where the lost ones live
touching our fingertips together is enough to start the dance
a flaw in the pattern is the meaning of the weave
a gnat drinking salt from a child’s eye. 


Music finds you
it was made to do that
to be small and slip in everywhere
the crawl of beauty through the null
you don’t hear anything if you listen
don’t listen to the quartet like a mechanic checking the engine
listen to music the way you go to sleep all of you at once
anything else is college stuff
required courses in tonality reality
a proud humility is the way to do anything
listen reverent as a king hearing the first robin in spring
can you do that can you take it gently in the hands of your ears.