Wednesday, February 11, 2015

HEART THREAD 202 & 203


Could I have heard another when I thought was now
leave every I out and see what it means
real presence split the log he is there
drink salvation from an empty glass
too many voices for so few words
we suffer from the vice of versa
they marched into battle with The World Turned Upside Down
revolution only benefits the landlords old or new
would she kiss the icon of a commissar?
at some point or no point it will get tired of me
then what will you do
not even the wind in your ears?

Starting and stopping is the same as love
properties of archaic Tocharian
guide me grammar through the spiel of trees
obscure selvedge of a vast weave
a carpet made of sand
flowers half faded dinky here and there
your footsteps rearrange the floor
walking and talking like a blessed Greek
they didn’t know how lucky they were
pagans are the only ones left laughing
after the grimoire of the bank accounts
the Grand Guignol of local government.