Monday, February 16, 2015

HEART THREAD 210 & 211


So pleasure it is, pleasure and praise
the rain has stopped the colors last
don’t look back it’s only a flower gaining on you
only a womb anxious to reclaim me
the last night on the island I saw exact in dark my mother’s face
let me learn to say this countenance
expressionless veridical completely there
have I lived up to anything she proposed
we don’t know what we ask of one another
what we give we hope is what was wanted
such gifts are absolute no giver no receiver
have I ever given you anything at all? 


Solitude, light rain, kindness kiss the sweat off his back
let him go the world’s big enough
to be big enough for the smallest words
argent, a tower gules and then he said
from this window she can see anyone who comes and goes
but everyone is upside-down
man coughing in the morning breeze
how does she keep all that she sees from floating away
to build a thing and then believe in it
a tower or a testament
Dostoyevsky railed against mere chemistry
the bonds that love us into one another’s lives.