Sunday, March 1, 2015

HEART THREAD 233 & 234


Measure not pleasure
the ripest ambiguity high priestess
golden color quiet lioness
heel heel great varmint of the sky
soon it will be your turn, wheel
can I ever other? Bruno argued yes
I rage at how they fired him
restoring him to his elements
yes change your horoscope revise the sky
the people waiting for you are hiding in your sleep
take the iron road that ran right in
crying his name she came to herself alone. 


And that was how she was a Tarot card
naked visible through a brick wall
a window where none was possible
she made the light and he brought the air
the wind was seeing her with his pale eyes
she breathed in being seen and so we move
to the next gallery every image is a room of its own
come live me inside the image
the deeper in you go the more space there is
we come through a small door into a big world
in this way we enter every image
hold the image in your mouth and taste the remember.