Friday, March 13, 2015

HEART THREAD 255, 256, & 257


Protect this fading image from all the angry images
this image I made as me
I am the one who thinks myself to be
bad think bad god
to make this double little world of me and it
make the other be one with me
or one of me or I am none
and where are you in all these trees
leafier this year than ever I’ve known
after the locust trees blossomed all spring
the basswoods our lindens blossomed high summer
their fragrance fills the house all night when the wind moves. 


Once I wanted what would walk through the door
because the guest is god I am an atheist
some pollen fallen from another’s tree
grows an absolutely different kind of grain
go inside time to its relenting
suppose I were rain along your spine
would your mind turn rain into someone else
the way not even the weather is personal
smoky breath of an old friend
the taste in someone else’s mouth a word is
once you have seen the picture you’ll never stop
we have to keep talking to the world to make it go?

The snail shells move in the night like ship
who knows where the copper is that breathes the blood
scratch of a pen on an ancient map
here are the islands of the ancestors
listen and you’ll hear your fathers calling
they are praying for the clouds to let them through
they have a name for you a permission
survival of the fastest
dark dark the word gouged in wet sand
they were here before you they’re the fathers
you think at first it is the traffic or the birds
but deep in your belly you know better.