Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HEART THREAD 274 & 275


I want to tell you all the ones I need doctor
because in your glass-wall cabinet you display
one of each essence that pursues my day
dreams are worse when you know who they are
give them to me or make them go away
homeopathic relationships a kiss heals all desire
this is me flouncing out of your office crying on the daybed
this is the cabin boy on a steamer that sank
this is the girl with the paper flower in her hair
resemblances are terrible isn’t it enough to have one of a thing
must her shadow pass through every door
can’t I make you stop looking at me that way. 

I lost the word at dawn I knew in sleep
poor me a hundred thousand other words around but that one gone
agrestic agnostic arthritic aesthetic
but still the mercy monument went up
trapezoidal in outline a frustrated pyramid
built of all the shadows I have ever tried to reify
a junk heap halfway to the moon yet shapely withal
experiences change from other eyes
long after only by its cover can you tell a book
I will take a net and go down to the little stream
and let the shadow of its meshwork float on quick water
and no one will be wounded then by my music.