Saturday, March 7, 2015

HEART THREAD 243 & 244


All the definitions are now in place
revise the animal feed it from your lap
a bee knows by
the is the center of the maze
woodpecker gospelling a dead tree
bird bath tepid on the lawn
be quiet we are someone here
try to be as quiet as it is
we are not meant to live together
each human is alone with the earth
the earth my only wife
touch me if you can.


Don’t worry about the numbers
John Muir told Emerson they keep house by themselves
I teach the interpretation of mirrors
the calculus of skin
how many contacts in a sleeping life
don’t wake up for me
for I am sleeping too my music snores
gnats bother the porches of mine ears
how dreadful is the natural
give me the word that flees its thing
let me go to the country music goes to when it fades away
let me live on the ashes of what someone sang.