Friday, March 6, 2015

HEART THREAD 241 & 242


And so gave up Jerusalem
want the trees before the clearing
no temple’s worth a living tree
let alone fifty acres of English oak
culled to craft one warship then
days you could still see the goddess in the trees
before the parsons bored all life away
in windowless senacles clustered round guilt
grrr I will wolf this land anew and lie on it
I thought you said you had no enemies
no I have no war my enemies are friends
I do what you tell me who else is there. 

242 .

A lyric absence though birds mute trees
lyric means doing something to the air
lyric means the right to be wrong
keep company with dumb ideas
sailing paper metaphors around the room
lyric means knocking on a wall and crying Open
lyric means being baffled by an open door
lyric love is not like other kinds
flowers bought in the supermarket
the old mast of the Ernestina lying on the dock
heartwood still fresh after a hundred years
lyric means the heartwood of a living tree.