Monday, March 2, 2015

HEART THREAD 235 & 236


Of engine what to speak how things are made to happen
Persephone herself bent to retrieve
sky color from earth color
our first ethnographer she is taken
taken in by what she investigates
and lords it later over the dead and not yet born
Hades’ house is not just for the dead
it is the queendom of everything unseen
she ladies it over hell where we all are fat
swollen with pasts and lives to come
all for the sake of one blue flower and no mother
she is her own mother now. 


Now light your heart and be another
time is weary of this mask of yours
melt the wax of it away in seventh-month heat
be free of this prison thee
I am little but mythological chatter
break the light a little and come home
nothing happens on the other side
until we wake again with human faces
I look more like you than you believe
finally divided sunlight into heat like a message
someone sends you find some shade and stand there
there is a Golem in all of us a servant heavy slumbering.