Tuesday, March 3, 2015

HEART THREAD 237 & 238


But I can only be the same as me a little while
Gettysburg grandfathers battle scars
isn’t it enough that we still are
begin by blaming money the opposite of language
blame mathematics and greed and value
then blame the summer stars for being many
anxious sperm that quest the eggs of mind
always trying to mean something in me
blame mastery and alpha and volcano
the love that hurtles through the woods of Ireland
the ones that we cut down to reach the sea
but never blame the sea.


Revise my chapel of this local stone
build the sky into the window
let it have edges but no walls
change the images of gods displayed
change the gods
fill the pews with ocean
no prayer on dry land makes sense
stand up to your waist in water recite the alphabet
variations on a, b, c
this is your liturgy your people you
I am the altar but don’t look at me
taste the water now and then listen to what you speak.