Saturday, March 21, 2015

HEART THREAD 267 & 268


Where things grow by themselves
that’s the scripture for our pilpul
con each leaf and comprehend
this is the Heavenly Academy of what happens
gardens are colonial agribusiness
obliterating the mind’s first Text
the uncontrived happenstance of suchness
big words for the tiny weeds between the tiles
I too hurry to obliterate
as if it were a message from the mind before the mind
leave it till you remember what it’s saying
a language even the rain speaks just be wet.


Hark to your habit leman
pain is sham as a country is
when countryside is real
so many did to you I mean
as many as sparrows strouthoi of her sly chariot
birds are molecules of something very big
isn’t that what Empedocles did
you talk all the time about Pythagoras
looking in the mirror is close shave enough
girls taught men poetry by skipping rope
giving hope leaving forever with a lingering smile
naked on tigerback biting the moon.