Sunday, March 29, 2015

HEART THREAD 283 & 284


But what if it’s all  wrong
every few minutes a boy comes by and takes an apple
you  never know when he’s coming
you’ll never know how many apples you have
it turns out the sea really is made of ink
and we are the scripture that it wrote
are you ready for me yet to read and leap
the bull calf sprinkled with wine and daisies
offered living to the Place he stands in
grazes and lifts to gore the trembling light
live forever is what he says it says
a sutra that has soared up then fallen from our whys.


Get your work done before the sun comes up
how the day curls up at your feet
time changes and you stay the same
for once your skin fits you
suddenly there are flowers in the rose of Sharon
you start remembering all manner of pink things
the day wakes up again and bites your ankle
memory is the thief of time
rub your lantern bright and go down the cave
lick the pretty pictures off the wall
that’s what eyes are for you think
those bottomless wells where the light gets lost.