Wednesday, March 11, 2015

HEART THREAD 251 & 252


Let’s do it yesterday
for music’s sake the angel facing backwards
there is something of sulfur in the rose
a petal fallen laid along the skin
no other fact can slip past it
natural affinity of rose with flesh
of thorn with mind
the prick of thinking
trickle of blood along the flesh
break the sentence open it will bleed
Scriabin saw his word in color in the sky
a fatal rose that knows so many. 


Something true about defilement
wrong tool for the right job
or dawn full of feathers fallen
from some legendary bird you never saw
but these things fly their kind is to come
close and touch you while you sleep
you say O my dream but it eats you
disdains your sorry meat
touch defiles
that’s why we need it
we come into this dance so pure
no one can remember his father.