Monday, March 16, 2015

HEART THREAD 258 & 259


The other place than where it is
a gleeful mistake like a dog running away
penny in a pocket sun behind cloud
everything is allowed
when you were a tree I held your leaves for you
when you were ocean I was your waves
the flight attendant listens to the sky
the word is out there just below the plane
when you were a city I did not know how to earn
glamorous ignorance of well-fed tourists
animals are different inside rocks are the same
their brown eyes open in amazement at the snow.


So much to remember and no need to
quiet wise men correct the weather
witchcraft is too natural she said too much about fertility                                   
being fertile is not the point being now is
no one ever did that in my dream before
cloud lift sun back mad at me up there
for I have sought the gods beneath the hill
the little gods who promised nothing but to be
nature is the part of me that’s someone else
birdsongs inking lines through trees
always coming back as usual to some flower
I climbed the stairs to where you almost were.