Monday, March 30, 2015

HEART THREAD 285 & 286


Life stops at any moment but the story goes on
that’s what’s wrong with it, this imaginary present tense
weirder than any future hold me in your hands
because I was war and got over it or praised the seen
read the original clay of Gilgamesh with your fingers
there is no scholarship but the waking heart
for saying is all and thinking is few
those dim magistrates dismiss all evidence
if you believe your eyes you’d believe anything
I’m an agnostic when it comes to me
I speak to the simplest things because they answer me
the question I really meant for you. 


Smash the tablets at the gate
to speak in the tongues of all of you
I need to answer what you do not ask
isn’t that what polis is for
the heads to hang crowns on and laurel wreaths
rhapsodic recitation of the obvious
smooth as religion
but it’s hard in summer when the gods are far
we linger in our bodies no more sense than the day’s news
now I put on my father’s green coat
and speak another language taught by the mirror
seen through tears as he went away.