Thursday, March 12, 2015

HEART THREAD 253 & 254


No one can read it all the way through
even a single sentence is infinite
a verb is an abyss
he talked about language till it silenced him
humidity abolishes conversation
it is the sea come back to claim us escapees
our local habitation golden trowel round the town
hedges of Donegal all gorse and fuchsia
map the country where my body lives
wherever cold is comfort
half the folk you meet aren’t really there
vanish into that lush green hill. 

The home I never had is you
the god of communication is the god of secrets kept
power of the hermetic axe with two blades
wings on his heels he shows and hides
wherefore set we down words on paper
hoping substance hides what meaning says
every language foreign to a thing
we live in darkness with skins of light
where Hermes is heaven is a letter you can’t yet read
spend all your nights deciphering this touch
brutal answer of a cloudless day
it must mean something if it is.